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Welcome on my online resume

Hello, I'm a Webdesigner / Front-end developer and here is my online resume and portfolio. I'm an expert in HTML/CSS/JS but I have also skills in UI design. What I like to do above all, it's bring a concept to life : DESIGNING, PROTOTYPING, TEMPLATING.
I'm creative, curious and polyvalent. I'm always motivated to experiment new things. I like to share ideas and manage projects whith a passioned and enthousiastic team !

In two words

A sensy eye and a coding hand

My knowledge in both developping and graphic design provide me an interresting profile between the creatives and the technicals. Indeed, I can play an beneficial role whihin a team, thinking about efficient and inovative solutions and propose an exiting web experience together !

A swiss-knife man

My experience in diverse technogies make me a good problem solver. My usage of preprocessors (Sass, less, Handlebar) and tasks runners (Gulp, Grunt) accelerate the process of creation respecting the quality and the performance of the product. I also have an experience in a large bench of CMS that make me helpfull in the templating operations.



Since 2013
WebdesignFront-end development

Scala is one of the pioneers in the digital transformation services. With a wide range of solution (servers, apps, softwares, advertisements ...), Scala help companies to modernize themselve. During this experience, I was confronted with ambitious projects. To improve the performance and maintenance of the products, I developed automation solutions. I learn how to optimize css and templating language to ease the maintenance and the evolution of the website.

La souris Verte

2012 - 2013
WebdesignGraphic design

La Souris Verte is a communication studio... In a dynamic and creative team, I participated in the development of website. So I follow the apparition of HTML5 / CSS3 and the preproxessor languages ​​such as SASS or LESS, this year was very enriching.

GRIM Edif - Training on techniques of show


With a rich knowledge in multimedia, I chalenged me to use them in the world of the show. Thanks to this training, I discovered a new aspect of digital creation around sound, video and light. I learned to create vidéomapping, interractive and digital art.

La Cie Event

2010 - 2012
WebdesignGraphic design

Fascinated by the events business, I joined Compagnie Event as a graphic designer / webdesigner. This equipment rental company had needs to develop its identity and its presence on the market. Therefore, I realized their paper and digital communication (catalog, business card, website). Thanks to a year of aprentiship in the techniques of show, I developed my skills in audiovisual production to participate in cultural event: Equestrian show, architectural video, soundtrack ...

Bachelor in audiovisual technics

WebdesignGraphic design

This Bachelor in audiovisual technics, consolidated my achievements in the field of web creation, in particular with a deeper learning of ​​HTML, CSS, Javascript languages. This training also opened me to sound production with several projects (report, soundtrack for short film). With the desire to open myself to other aspects of multimedia, this year has aroused in me an interest in digital arts.

Two-year university degree in technology - multimédia

2008 - 2010
ProgramationNetworkGraphic design

This training course dealing with the various fields of communication and information technology. It provides knowledges in audiovisual creation (graphics, video, photography), in project management but especially in techniques related to the web (network, programming language).

Baccalauréat - French secondary school diploma, science major - engineering option


This diploma gave me a solid base of methods to approach a technical subject. The courses around devices issues (mechanical and / or electronic) provide me skills in research and analysis. Moreover, the training around algorithms introduce me to the programming languages.

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Skills & knowledges

I know the HTML CSS and Javascript languages, but not only : To improve the site building under the constrains of the web (multiplication of device, evolution & maintenance, performance...), I adopted some usefull guidelines and methods :

SMACSS, OOCSS, BEM, Mobile First, Future Friendly, Progressive enhencement, Gracefull degradation, Material design, Atomic design, Opquast...

In my toolbox

Legend :
  • Advanced
  • intermediate
  • beginer
Preprocessor :
  • SASS
  • LESS
Task runner :
  • Gulp
  • Grunt
Dependency manager :
  • Bower
Framework :
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • TWIG
  • Handlebar
Software :
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Indesign
  • Drupal
  • eZ Publish
  • Wordpress
  • Typo3
  • Magento
  • Prestashop
Mail :
  • Campaign Monitor


Aéroport Marseille Provence

Marseille Provence airport

Marseille Provence airport
ThemingMobileeZ PublishGulp
Département 13

Department 13

Department 13

Official website of the department 13 (Provence, Alps, Azur coast)

La Bambouseraie d'Anduse

La Bambouseraie d'Anduze

La Bambouseraie


Carcassonne projet grand site


Carcassonne - Projet grand site
Atelier Audio Visuel

Atelier Audio Visuel

Atelier Audio Visuel
Bourbon Partnership

Bourbon Partnership

Bourbon Partnership


Vacances Bleues

Vacances Bleues

Vacances Bleues
Wiko mobile


Wiko mobile
Opera Grand Avignon

Opera Grand Avignon

Opera Grand Avignon
ThemingWordpress960 Grid
Chez Cloud - service d'hébergement

Chez Cloud

Chez Cloud
Mobile FirstThemingTypo3GruntSass
Au Vieux Plongeur

Au Vieux Plongeur

Au Vieux Plongeur
Font iconThemingPrestashopCompass960 Grid
Kaz à Liline

Kaz à Liline

Kaz à Liline

Appartment rental on island
Design : Jeremy Vey

IntegrationGruntGoogle Map Api
Graphic design

Design work

Design work

Exemple of design and ilustration I made. Logo, poster, app...

DesignGraphic design



I am fond of digital creations. I create musics and visuals that I play during performances. Here is my project : Livestock Pixel


I like to cook nice dishes and try new food. I also like to share a good conversation around a glass of wine


I am from the "Do It Youself" generation, learning by myself and creating objects from sratch